Alison TouVelle

My journey to becoming a Senior Move Manager started many years ago.  I have always been an avid estate sale shopper, starting with a sale in my neighborhood when I was in my teens.  This interest continued to when I was first married and had a new home to fill, as each of my four children were born and more bedroom furniture became necessary and then as each child grew up – moved out and needed items for their new place.  Somewhere within this timeline I received an Associates’ degree in Accountancy, worked for a local company in payroll and then in the tax and finance department.  I was a stay at home mother for a number of years and returned to work in an accounting office as a bookkeeper.  To me, bookkeeping is pure organization - which I love.

My desire to organize and my love of estate sales eventually resulted in founding  A. TouVelle Estate Sales, a small company I started in late 2009.  In late 2010 my husband, Matt, was offered the opportunity to work out of Japan.  My sister Linda took over  A. TouVelle Estate Sales, which she continues to own and operate today.  For the next five years, I would return home from Japan each summer and work the estate sales with my sister until finally moving home in 2015.  I came across an article shortly after moving home which referenced NASMM, the National Association of Senior Move Managers.  I started researching the organization and realized THIS is where I have been heading all along.    NASMM offers training and classes which cover various aspects of  managing the transition of downsizing, aging in place and organization.   The concept of hiring Senior Move Managers to smooth out and organize the moving process makes so much sense to me.  I’m very excited to continue on this journey as a Senior Move Manager.  I see a real need for this service within our community and look forward to meeting you!