We also conduct estate sales. 

The Process.

A Tailored Home will provide tables, estate sale signage and other necessary items to conduct a successful sale, beginning no less then two weeks prior to the sale.  A key or garage door opener to allow access to the home will be necessary.  We will sort, organize, price, display and provide minor cleanup for enhancement of item display and presentation.  To a limited extent, we will also clean the area where the sale is to be conducted, as well as gather and dispose of items that will not be offered in the sale.

A Tailored Home will determine and set selling prices for all items by way of fair market value and liquidation pricing, and by using the best discretion on selling price trends.  If we believe there are items of value that are not within our area of expertise, we may choose to engage an outside appraiser, at our expense.

Most sales will be conducted from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for two consecutive days.  Items will be full price on day 1 and discounted on day 2. We will conduct every sale with two objectives:
   To sell every available item
   To maximize the proceeds from the sale
During the sale, we may negotiate prices and accept bids as we consider appropriate to achieve the two objectives stated above. 

We will post dates and pictures of upcoming sales on this website and our Facebook page.  We will also advertise in the local newspaper with the cost of advertising being deducted from the gross sales.